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Indexes, Tabs & Dividers

Custom Indexing - Call to OrderCustom Printed Indexes

Use our custom printed indexes and file backs to enhance organization and speed retrieval of important documents and resource materials that are contained in file folders, ring binders and bound publications. Use of printed tabs combined with colored mylar to maximize accessibility is particularly useful in large records retention environments.
Call to order Custom Indexes at 800-677-3031 or use our Order Form.
Please VISIT the Product Specifications page for more information.

Custom Printed Indexes and File BacksCustom Printed Dividers

Our Custom Printed Dividers are made with Treehugger™ 30% PCW recycled 90 lb. index stock. Treehugger™ also consumes less electricity and water during production. Our recycled custom tabs are by far the most eco-friendly product available in the market place. For those of you interested in sustainability and "green buying", this high recycled content paper stock should be specified for all your index needs. Call to order Custom Printed Dividers at 800-677-3031.

Custom File BacksCustom File Backs

Custom File Backs offer the same feature as indexes with on important added feature. File backs allow material to be added or retieved without taking apart the file. Each section of the file has its own fastener so that all other sections need not be disturbed when adding or retieving documents. File backs require added strength and durability and are constructed for 9 or 11 point stock.
Call to order Custom File Backs at 800-677-3031.
Please see the Product Specifications page for more information.

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Adhesive Tabs - Numerical/Alphabetical

Attach self-adhesive tabs to legal exhibits, reports, depositions, briefs or legal index divider sheets. Plastic laminated legal exhibit index tabs grip both sides of sheet for a strong, durable tab that won't fall off. Printed for side or bottom indexing. Ten tabs of each letter or number per pack. Numerical contains 100 tabs per pack, alphabetical contains 50 tabs per pack. See Numerical Stock Information - See Alphabetical Stock Information

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Desktop Kits

Legal Exhibit Index Tabs - Desktop Kits

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Tabs U Create

Legal Index Divider Sheets

Index divider sheets are an entegral part of an effective legal indexing system. Index divider sheets are made of strong, 110 lb. white index stock and are printed with guidelines for fast accurate tab aligning. Index divider sheets are available in both letter (7-hole punched) and legal size (9-hole punched) for top or side fasening in folders or three-ring binders. Both sizes have conveniently ruled areas for notes.


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54500 Series Chart Divider Tabs

54500 - Organize patient charts, files or records by using chart divier index tabs and chart index divider sheets. Tabs are designed for both bottom and side indexing. The divider index tabs attach easily to the divider sheets for speedy referencing of patient's information. Printed black on white with a colored edge for easy recognition, these 1-1/4" tabs are available in 20 of the most commonly used titels. Special titels and/or pre-tabbed index divider sheets are availabe. 100 per package.

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52100 Series Adhesive Index Tabs

52100 - Self-adhesive, laminated tabs help keep information in patient files organized with color-coded edges for fast identification. Tabs are designed for bottom or side tab indexing. These 1-1/2" tabs are avaialbe in 23 of the most commonly used titels. 102 labels per package.

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