About Professional Indexes & Files

Pro Office and Filing Supplies is capable, one-stop provider for all your business office supplies and specialty filing needs. Our staff has vast experience in the office products industry, which matters when you need help locating that hard to find item.

We provide over 35,000 items available for next day delivery. Pro Office and Filing Supplies is a unique supplier positioned to provide the seven critical areas for your office, all from one source with one call.

  1. General office supplies
  2. Janitorial, cleaning and break room supplies
  3. Copy paper, colored paper, fine stationery
  4. Toners and printer supplies
  5. Printed materials and forms
  6. Filing supplies, custom file folders and indexes, custom binding & presentation products
  7. Custom inked stamps, daters, name plates and badges

We know you have many choices for purchasing your office products. Not being one of the “big names”, our goal is to be better than our competition in pricing, service, and customer relations. We strive to create a lasting business relationship founded on respect and trust, providing a win-win relationship. Given the opportunity, we will consult with you to tailor a custom pricing plan that provides overall cost savings for your business. We prefer to hear what you want, not tell you what you need.

If you are a prospective customer visiting our site, we would enjoy the chance to discuss your office supply and, or filing supplies needs. Our approach is to listen, consult with you, and offer a complete, competitive solution for your business. I believe you will like our approach in partnering with your company.

Thanks for visiting our site. Please contact us with any questions, or for additional information.

Brian Ticehurst



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